The purple Prince Pouf in repose

It’s a Prince pouf!

So I accidentally posted this photo on a work Facebook page and hope no one noticed before I deleted it. The horrors of managing multiple accounts from a tiny phone.

But aside from that, I just finished my best pouf ever, a custom purple order, and it struck my how very Prince-y it was and I needed to share.

Next, I cast on my Raspberry Beret!

I really played with the purple yarns with this one and did a k3, p1 rib with a 15 circular needle instead of 17, and this one turned out just right. Have you tried the pattern yet? I’d love to hear from you! What works? What doesn’t?

By the way, if you feel like really ambitious Prince knitting, check this amazing hat out!


And now I’m off to complete my next custom order: the Throwback Milwaukee Brewer iPad pillow stand. Stay tuned!



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